domingo, 5 de enero de 2014

RNG v1.0

Random Number Generator for training WM
Time ms Mode Rows

Play latest RNG version online
Download RNG (multisystem)

4 comentarios:

  1. Which mode it's better for enhancing WM, ultrafast or long tests?

  2. From my humble experience ultrafast it's the best mode to enhance WM.
    Working memory is like a core cognitive function on which many types of high-level cognition rely, including language comprehension and production, problem solving, and decision making. So, A brain training task that increases the number of items an individual can remember over a short period of time may boost performance in other problem-solving tasks by enhancing communication between those different brain areas.

  3. I've tried to run your applet on android 4.1 but htmlviewer doesn't seem tu run it properly.

    1. Htmlviewer does not understand javascript with accuracy, for android devices better use mozilla firefox to run the applet. Just go to the google play site, download and install firefox, it's free.


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